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New website design

It has been a few years now since our website has been redesigned. Since then, websites have changed a lot and we were very much behind. But that is changing with this new design that aims to make browsing faster and easier for our parishioners not only on desktop computers but also on your mobile devices.

As you can see, the new design is much cleaner and simpler than the former with more focus on the actual content that matters. We’ll be adding more content as best as we can but do let us know the things you want on our website.


We Are One 2018


  1. Annette Capomaccio

    When will the current bulletins be available here?

    • Duc Tri Le

      Hi Annette, it should be available soon. The staff members are still learning how to update the content on the site.

    • Duc Tri Le

      Bulletins are uploaded.

  2. Robert J Fitzgerald

    Where can I get a CORI form to fill out for St. Bernadette Church?

    • Truc Ta

      Hi Robert, it cannot be published online but you can get it through your group leader or Pat Jackson.

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