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Saint Bernadette Religious Education Program

Our mission is to help children become closer to Jesus, and to make Him known to them. Our vision is to help youth gain faith to become life-long followers of Jesus.

We offer religious education for grades 1 to confirmation, and we are operating virtually this year due to COVID. If your children are in the grades 1-10 (or are candidates to receive Confirmation), we invite you to enroll them into our program. You may contact Saint Bernadette’s office at 781-963-1327, or Mrs. Huyen Ngo, the program coordinator, at .

Registration forms can be found here, and the class schedule can be found here. We suggest following these recommendations for online learning.


The Baptism of the Lord (Vigil) Mass Livestream


Holy Hour For Life Livestream


  1. Evens Bontemps

    I would like to register my son Noah Bontemps into the CCD program. He is currently in 4th grade. I spoke with Fosy about it and he suggested that I contacted Denise. I could not see her email address. However, I emailed the Program Coordinator with the completed registration form attached into it.

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