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Author: Truc Ta

Indulgences Extended Through Entire Month of November

Decree of the Apostolic Penitentiary on Plenary Indulgences for the deceased faithful in the current pandemic, 23.10.2020


This year, in the current circumstances due to the “Covid-19” pandemic, the Plenary Indulgences for the deceased faithful will be extended throughout the entire month of November, with adaptation of works and conditions to guarantee the safety of the faithful.

Positive Cases of Covid-19 at St. Bernadette’s

From time to time this information will change. Please check the website periodically for updates.

We have been notified that several people who attended a funeral at Saint Bernadette’s on 11/20/2020 have tested positive for COVID.  If you were at that funeral Mass, please monitor your health. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with your physician.

We have now learned of 6 total positive cases since the first initial report.

We have learned that two people at the 9 AM Mass on 10/25 has tested positive for the Corona Virus. Please monitor your health and if you experience any symptoms or have any questions or concerns, please contact your physician.

Letter of Reopening the Churches

Re-Opening Guidance

Celebration of St. Bernadette Rescheduled

Celebration of St. Bernadette has been rescheduled to September 15, 2019. Details to be provided in the near future.